Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Watch this

If you've never encountered the writer called Turretinfan in the blog world, you are in for a treat. This guy is a judicious writer, a careful scholar, and a wonderfully capable apologist. Don't tell him I said so, as I don't wish to be guilty of flattery...

Anyway, starting June 1, Turretinfan is going to enter into a pretty formal debate (by blog standards anyway) with a Catholic apologist on the topic of Sola Scriptura.

They've agreed to a pretty ambitious and rigorous schedule which will have them writing and posting at particular times until the end of this year, Lord willing.

Both sides of the debate will be posted at both their blogs. Here is a link to Turretinfan's blog. Do yourself a favor and visit often between now and June 1, because there is a lot to learn over there. Then strap yourself in and plan on following the debate.

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Turretinfan said...

Thanks for your very generous description. Please pray that the debate will be edifying and ultimately evangelical.