Friday, November 30, 2007

Mafia Code of Conduct (updated 4-25-2008)

We are so happy that you visited us today! No doubt, some of you will want to visit our Speak Easy and voice your opinion and that's fine. Rival gang members may be coming here to make a name for themselves and shoot up the place -and that's fine too. No matter what you're here to accomplish, before you leave a comment, please remember the following things:

  1. Profanity, blasphemy, spam, and pornography will not be tolerated on the Reformed Mafia blog. Anyone violating this rule will have their comments deleted and be banned from further interaction on this blog.

  2. Do not feed the trolls! If you are a troll, don't feel bad about not being sufficiently fed while you're here. We truly feel no obligation to provide you with a platform, especially if you show up with an unteachable attitude and spraying lead everywhere.

  3. Speaking of trolls... All blog trolls will be banned, shaved bald, or otherwise treated like, well, like trolls.

  4. All articles are property of their respective authors. Except, if you'd like to claim you wrote something that Gordan did, he'd get a kick out of that, so you can take his stuff but nobody Else's.

  5. Nobody at the Reformed Mafia is being paid for their work here, therefore, due to ministerial obligations, work, time constraints, or pure old apathy, some members may not wish to interact with their readers at all.

  6. Stay on topic! If the subject of an article is about bats living in church attics, hi-jacking the thread with a rant about Supralapsarianism is not acceptable and will result in the comment being deleted. Persistent violations of this rule will result in being banned from further interaction on this blog.

  7. We are really more like a Chess Club than an actual Mafia. Meaning, we aren't writing here looking for a fight. If you attempt to engage us in debate over your pet heterodoxy/heresy, we may comply with your desires, or we may not. Or, we may initially and then get bored and quit. Even if you call us names and write about how you kicked our tails back at your own blog: we just don't give a rip about that stuff.

  8. In fact, sometimes all we want to do is put out some information, and very truly couldn't care less what anyone's opinion is about it after that. When you see us disable comments on a post...get the hint.

  9. If you're a rabid anti-Calvinist out to make a name for yourself on the Internet, you might want to try visiting Triablogue instead: Those guys will make you famous in a hurry!

  10. Sometimes people come here and get offended. We support your right to be offended. However, we would appreciate it if you would find somewhere else to do it. If at any time you find yourself getting offended by the theme or content of this blog, please resist the urge to continue reading and click here.

Lastly, and this rule works in real life, too: Treat everyone like they might be armed.

Thank you and have a nice day!

This message was brought to you by the Reformed Mafia Speak Easy Committee. (Gordan and Rhett)

All articles © 2007-2008 by the respective authors of the Reformed Mafia. All Rights Reserved.


Andrew Esping said...

That sounds fair enough to me. Hopefuly people will respect it. You should have helped write the Constitution =P.


J.C. Thibodaux said...

We are really more like a Chess Club than an actual Mafia. Meaning, we aren't writing here looking for a fight.

A kinder, gentler Mafia. I can respect that.

Luke said...

I vow to attempt to stay within the Guidelines. In addition, I will cease using "angst" as a verb.

Rhett said...

"Lastly, and this rule works in real life, too: Treat everyone like they might be armed."

I'm glad you included this Gordan. An armed society is a polite society! ;)

Joshua A. Hitchcock said...

While I agree with the above rules...there was no vote to form the Reformed Mafia, Speak easy committee...and we certainly didnt follow Roberts Rules of Order to establish this committee...This should have been brought before the Reformed MAfia, and then presented to its readers...with discussion...and then voted on the following month, needing two thirds majority vote....oh well..

Rhett said...

He's on to us Gordan!!! :p

Joshua A. Hitchcock said...

We didnt even have a moderator...and who is taking down the minutes of all the comments?

Anonymous said...

Reformed Mafia, have you met the Reformed Gangstas? hehe

Gordan Runyan said...

King Neb, pretty funny stuff.