Saturday, October 25, 2008

All Old Testament Laws Cancelled??

I was mailed a review copy of a New Covenant Theology book by Greg Gibson.

Here's my review.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Closed for Season

As the only remaining founder of the Reformed Mafia, I'm hereby shutting down the blog until further notice. Due to myriad circumstances, this blog is no longer functioning as it was originally intended. I appreciate the contributions that have been made here. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me at rhettswhips at Yahoo dot com.

Soli Deo Gloria.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Why I'm A Harrier Guy

Asked why one with prevenient grace believes and not another, the libertarian answers, “one believed and the other did not”. But I did not ask him what he did, because we all know what he did already from my question, but I asked ‘why’ he believed. 'One believed' is no answer at all. It is merely saying the same thing in other words. Our libertarian friend never really answer the question as I asked it, but he did answer it according to his libertarian philosophy which he imports into the Scripture, since he believes that it was not the nature of his heart (or anything else) that caused him to choose one way or the other. The will itself is sovereign, in the libertarian view, and has an ability of its own which can ultimately choose apart from any gracious affections of the heart. To a libertarian, he can choose Christ even if he does not desire Him. While the affections may influence the choice, in their view, still the will can chose what it doesn’t want ultimately, which, of course, destroys the unity of the person.

Harry means:

1. cause distress by repeated attacks: to cause somebody physical, mental, or emotional distress by repeated physical or verbal attacks
2. raid or pillage: to raid or pillage a place, especially during a war

Or: smallest piglet:
the smallest or weakest piglet in a litter

To be harried:
looking or feeling tired and annoyed

A harrier:
1. somebody who harries somebody else: somebody who repeatedly attacks another person or group physically or verbally 2. raider or pillager: somebody who raids or pillages a place

We don't expect a small weak piglet to be a threat, really. It is the squealing that takes on the attribute of another type of harrier:
dog for rabbit hunting: a small hound resembling a foxhound used for hunting hares or rabbits
The only annoyance there is when they're caged and still howl and yip as if they were hunting.

We appreciate it when one shows tireless endurance like:
runner: a cross-country runner
but when the runner loses the race and keeps running anyway and claims victory because no one else is, that's an annoying harrier.

Generally we don't think of one as a sleek or an able hunter with remarkable eyesight and soaring above its prey:
a slender graceful hawk with long wings and a long tail that hunts by flying low over marshland and grassland to catch mice, snakes, frogs, and fish
when being harried. We think of the squealers, instead, used car salesmen, telemarketers, bill collectors and the like.

We think of Paul being harried by what at first was a tolerable follower. And when someone is a harrier of this kind, we can forgive them, but when they are a harrier of this kind we find them a little more than tiring.

Why? Just answer the why. Why or why won't you answer the why oh harrier guy? Could it be? Or, this?

Why, oh, why?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm Still Alive

I couldn't really think of a better title for my post...

I just thought I'd let everyone know that the rumors of my demise at the hands of the Secret 9 are greatly exaggerated. Between family, sports, work, school, and pure old apathy; I hardly have time for more than the occasional political rant over at my other blog. While I hope that sometime in the future I may be able to return to the gang with guns a blazing, I really don't see it happening until December.

Have a good one.