Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Conspiring Theories Breathe The Same Air And Inflame Passion

Having survived a near death experience hole free though a little singed I received another communication from a rat,

not a mole, but a rodent nonetheless. The information is disturbing and will serve as an appetizer to a review of the subterranean message of the commentary on The Baptist Faith and Message penned by Hx3.

I don't want to fan the flames and spread the fire of conspiracy or nuttin, but it is curious, is it not, that the dualism aspect of Hx3's theology is all so central to this mystical group?

Speaking of the Secret Nine

why is this pamphlet no longer listed as available from the NAMB? Or, is it?

The following is not supported by any evidence, but, just suppose that the CP can be found in this symbol:

Note the handshake, universal symbol of cooperative agents, and what if CP is really code for covert police, hmmmm?


Machine Gun Kelley said...

Here's how it works in our town:

Freemasons = Deacons

Calvinists = Esoteric sect

Deacons discover Calvinists and heroically purge them from church.

Strong Tower said...

Do your Deacons hold secret meetings? Then ya, no diff.

I thought Calvinists were an eisogetic sect ;)

That's what happened to me. What they didn't know is that I knew that they didn't know what I knew.

Pastor Bob Farmer said...

Does Brodman and Holman still put out the Mason's Bible? Herschel Hobbs, the archetect of the '63 BF&M, was a 32nd degree Mason... and an Arminian.

Strong Tower said...

Don't know? I'll check. If you beat me to it, post a link. I would like to know.

Pastor Bob Farmer said...

That is "architect". Sorry, I am one of the worst spellers in the world.

Pastor Bob Farmer said...

Hey, Strong Tower, did you mean "demons" or "deacons"? (LOL)

Gordan Runyan said...

All joking aside, I was sad to learn that about HH Hobbs.

Strong Tower said...


It makes me sad too. I don't make light of any of this in the same vein that nothing said here at RM seeks a mere a spirit of mockery but rather to strike a resonant chord for the truth. It is more the fact that the status quo, or the good-old-boys mentality of suppressing reality is not a healthy way of relationships within the fellowship of believers or of believers with those without. It leaves us vulnerable and unable to stand with integrity. The same could be said of unregenerate membership or the failure to discipline. Our responsibility to truth leaves us with no recourse but to expose our own failings with repentance, or else we face the same condemnation of the world: "But if we judged ourselves truly, we would not be judged."