Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back By Popular Demand

In case you've been wondering where we've been, one of the fellows set the blog to private over the weekend because of some issues that came up. I just switched it back to public view. Don't panic, we're still here!

Let's just say that the past few days have been very rough for the members of the Reformed Mafia. I have a special message on my blog for some of our newer readers. Please take time to read it.

We at the Reformed Mafia covet your prayers.

The mission continues...

[Late Edit: I just changed the title of this post to "Back by Popular Demand" because we've gotten emails from both our Calvinist and Arminian friends asking what happened to the blog and letting us know they're praying for us. I thank you all for your concern and prayers. ]

(Photo: Luther at the Diet of Worms)

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