Monday, April 21, 2008

'All of Grace'

Last week 'Peace and Truth', the magazine of the Sovereign Grace union, sent me the latest edition of Spurgeon's All of Grace to review for the next issue. This book is subtitled 'An earnest word with those seeking Salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ'. All I can say after intensively reading the book is "Wow!" It is the exact polar opposite to the sort of man-centred, free-will literature that so often masquerades as evangelistic in this present day and age. Where so much modern 'evangelistic' literature is the equivalent of candyfloss (that's cotton-candy in England), mostly air, with no subtance at all, All of Grace is like a bar of that 70% cocoa dark chocolate, incredibly rich! This is a book that is all substance!
It is very readable, though modern readers may find that reading a chapter gives them the same feelings as imbibing one of those chocolate bars - it makes you feel very full.
'All of Grace' gives the lie to those who say that Calvinism is not evangelistic. It is a whole book written for seekers - real seekers, not pleasure-seekers, or those seeking a palliative for the conviction of sin.
Chapter titles like 'God Justifieth the Ungodly', 'It is God that Justifieth', '\By Grace Through Faith', 'Why Repentance Must go with Forgiveness', and 'Why Saints Persevere', tell the reader all he or she needs to know. Spurgeon is serious about sin, about Christ and about faith.

Calvinists, read this book, find out how the Gospel can be preached to sinners without compromising the holiness of God and the inability of man. Ask yourself, can you present the Gospel like this?

Arminians, go and read this book. Ask yourself, is this book Biblical? Not, does it conform to my tradition? but, is it Biblical? I think you'll find that it is. Then ask yourself, how often have you heard this sort of preaching from any of your so-called evangelists?

Ministers, read this book, ask yourself, is my preaching like this? Is it centred upon Christ? Do I exalt God and abase man? Do I call upon sinners, as sinners, to come to Christ? Am I in earnest as Spurgeon was?

Unbelievers, read this book. This is the way of salvation made plain for you. If you feel your sin, Spurgeon will tell you how to get rid of it. Not how to hide it, to conceal it, but to get rid of it once and for all.

[Note: This review bears little resemblance to the one that will, God willing, appear in 'Grace and Truth'. All of Grace is published by Christian Focus ]


Galmaran said...
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Gordan Runyan said...

How sad it is that many who like to claim Spurgeon as one of their own (a Baptist) cling rather to doctrines that he would've despised and even called heretical.

This idea that all men have an unfallen (or only sick at worst) free will, is nothing other than Pelagianism, and none other than heretics have ever embraced it. (Attn: Frank Page.)

rhettsrants said...

I am ashamed to say I have not read this book. I had a copy, butI gave it to somebody who isn't saved. I shall secure another copy very soon.

Thanks HH.

Scribe said...

How sad it is that many who like to claim Spurgeon as one of their own (a Baptist) cling rather to doctrines that he would've despised and even called heretical.

I agree an aside, I must also make mention that Spurgeon is being reinvented (a la the IFB) as being an Arminian...

Gordan Runyan said...

Scribe, that sort of thing (the reinvention) came up at our Sunday evening service, though without mentioning Spurgeon specifically.

I mean, it was suggested that you have to watch out for those who believe in predestination, and then all who do were sort of lumped-in with the Hard-Shell Baptists/Hyper-Calvinists.

That's kind of how the IFB crowd does it: they see Spurgeon at war with the Hypers and then fail to draw a distinction. Presto! Now you've got Spurgeon opposing "Calvinism."

kelly jack said...

Great review,it will be on my short list.