Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why the Reformed Mafia?

Over the past few weeks I have realized that some are upset that some members here were Calvinists, but some are upset simply because of the Mafia theme. However, As I have stated in the past, The Reformed Mafia is no Mafia at all. It is simple a theme built on a statement by J.I. Packer, a prolific Christian author, and author of best seller, Knowing God. But as it has come to my attention that people are offended by this material, and by name being attached, I am resigning as a member of the Mafia. I know this comes as a shock, but as a future minister, I do not believe that persecution for a blog theme is really all that much worth it. As I know two former authors whom this blog has caused problems for regarding job status, I do not believe it is worth it for me. I don't want to seek to offend, only to edify. To some who have found this blog offensive, I apologize, for that is not the intended purpose. I will continue blogging, at

For new readers, do not be offended at this site. It is simply a theme suppose to be funny, but a place where we deal with issues in the church, and theological issues. In my dealings with these men, I have found them to be godly men who have a desire to know God and His Word. Listen to them, read their writings. Learn from them. Read their writings with an open Bible and open heart.

If you have questions, I can be reached by email at


Anonymous said...

I personally love the theme and find it very creative. I guess it is impossible please everyone and completely avoid offending some. It seems obvious to me that their is nothing mean spirited about your theme...but then again, what do I know?

Gordan Runyan said...

Joshua, I hate to see this, but I completely understand it, especially after watching what happened to those particular guys.

I guess every Mafia suffers some losses whilst engaged in the smuggling trade.

Joshua A. Hitchcock said...

Arminian Perspectives...I don't know, but I appreciate you and Josh, people we can disagree with but still have a love in Christ for. Be Blessed!


Can you take my name off of the enforcers?

Geneva1599 said...

In every battle there are losses on both sides. Fortunatly, the Mafia has also gained some members that already, has brought some great "meat" to the table.

If you look back to this same month last year in the post: "Reformed Mafia: Subversive Chess Club?" the same spirit should be echoed now. I call for an encore.

Gordan Runyan said...

G1599, I'll have to go back and look at that post.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound insensitive here, but those who find this blog offensive should find somewhere else to spend their time.

I have no patience whatsoever for Christians who go around seeking out ways to be offended.

J.C. Thibodaux said...

Sheesh. Are people really so easily threatened by a gag name? Hey Ben, guess we'd better scratch the proposed 'Arminian Assassins' theme in favor of something more politically correct, perhaps 'Theolollipops' or 'Kum-ba-ya-rminian Perspectives.'

Gordan Runyan said...


Immediately after the blow-up, Rhett posted about maybe changing the Mafia motif, which wound up getting him in more trouble, because some of the suggested changes were considered to be even more egregious.

I'm still partial to Reformed Coffee Whores myself.

I think you guys should be the Arminianinja Army. (I mean, of course, assuming you persist in your present error. What I really think is that you guys should be members of the Reformed Mafia. Deo Volente.)


J.C. Thibodaux said...

'Arminianinja.' That's pretty catchy, though I think 'Synergist Samurai' suits me a bit better. I thought your gag some time back of 'Reformed Drug Runner' was pretty good too.

Join the mob? Well, given your views on determinism, let's just say that such a event would entail being made an offer that I literally cannot refuse.

Gordan Runyan said...

You will be assimilated. Your technological and biological distinctives will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

Oh, wait. Wrong blog. Sorry.

J.C. Thibodaux said...

Bonus geek points if you get it: Coincidentally, my late grandfather's name was in fact, 'Hugh.'