Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Truth War

Yesterday I began reading John MacArthur's new book entitled The Truth War. If you don't have a copy, buy one today and start reading it!

What I've read so far reads as if -prior to writing the book- MacArthur performed a Vulcan Mind-Meld to get inside the heads of these "epistemologically humble" Postmodern/Emergent folks that are cropping up all over.

MacArthur is cutting through the Postmodern epistemological fog with his typical commitment to truth as revealed in the Scriptures. (A much needed breathe of fresh air considering some of the blather I have seen posted in the Mafia "Speak-Easy" as of late!)

So far, this is probably one of the best MacArthur books I've laid my hands on in a while...

Soli Deo Gloria!

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Scribe said...

Ah, I've already been reading "The Truth War"...a much needed book!