Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Richard Fuller on Anti-Predestinarianism

Today, many Southern Baptists have been lead to believe that the increased interest in Calvinism is an attempt to bring in doctrines that are either unbiblical or antithetical to being a Baptist. This effort has been lead in part by an elite cadre of preachers and historical revisionists bent on spreading their message that embracing Reformed theology will stifle evangelism and missions.

While reading Dr. Tom Nettles' book, By His Grace and For His Glory, I found the following quote by Richard Fuller, the 3rd President of the Southern Baptist Convention:

"If anything be certain, then it is that the anti-predestinarian system is wholly untenable. It is good for nothing, since it solves no difficulty and stultifies our reason, it is practical atheism and it contradicts express assertions of the Bible."

This is just one of many examples that Nettles cites that show the founders of our movement were indeed Calvinists who opposed Arminian thinking. To anyone willing to undertake a study of SBC history, it will become undeniably evident that it's not Calvinists who are bringing in "new" doctrines, rather, we are working to bring the Convention back to it's historical and Biblical foundation.

Semper Reformanda!


Kat said...

SB churches going back to their roots!!! How exciting!

Gordan said...

It's the same charge that Rome brought against the Reformers: "You're bringing in new doctrines!" And then later, "You're schismatics!"

Reformed Smart-alek Answer: Hey, if you had remained faithful to the Word, you'd have no schism with us, buddy. You created the schism with truth itself, so stop whining about it and repent already.

Fred said...

As a former Roman Catholic, I say AMEN Gorden!

Rhett, I think the problem is that no one will take the time to study SBC history. They don't want to do this because the mega preachers who have "studied" it for years have told them that Calvinism is a system of belief in which people who are saved won't be able to get on the bus to glory! They've got doctorate's in front of their names, they have thousands of people in their churches therefore they can't possibly be wrong. What Gordan said about the RCC can be said the the Arminians- Hey, your the guys who came into our churches and taught contrary to the articles of faith. Hey, your the guys who deceitfully taught in our Seminaries after you signed a document that said you would faithfully teach in accordance with the Reformed Theology of the School!