Wednesday, June 6, 2007

John Shelby Spong on the Apostle Paul

I wonder why this fellow even fools around with Christianity or the Scriptures.

I'm fairly certain that I had a higher view of Scripture when I was an Atheist!


Joshua A. Hitchcock said...

Ok...he just said he does not trust Paul's conversion recorded in Acts as history...but that is what Luke explicitly says his purpose is. This guy fails big time!

Fred said...

Rhett, why did you have to post this? My blood pressure is up, my stomach is churning, my heart is racing. The homosexual issue is one thing but the way he sets himself up as a higher authority on Paul then Luke who traveled with him is the hight of arrogance! Timothy George's words keep ringing in my ears: We've gone from Thus Saith the LORD to it seems to me.

Rhett said...

Sorry bout that...

I needed others to feel my grief!