Monday, June 4, 2007

Trusting in Sovereignty

Greetings fellow Mafia Members and readers! Tonight's blog is being written from the campus of Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY! It is quite different than south, Ga. It is going to be busy the next few days as I get settled in and also fill out job applications and have interviews. I was thinking today, that if I was an Arminian I could not move up here. Not only would Southern Seminary not take me, but practically speaking, I couldn't do it. You see, when it comes to even the hassles of life like finding a job, I will trust in God's Sovereignty. If I was trusting in my own will, this move would not work, and I would be so frantic not having a job. I went from being secure, to not having a clue what I am doing tomorrow. But as a Calvinist, I know that God has a place out there for me to work, even if it is working at K-mart watering flowers like Fred Pifer (Sorry, I had to!) I know that I will be employed at the right place at exactly the right time, with the right people, because God is sovereign, and he will work out his plan for his good pleasure and to his glory. As believers, we must trust in the sovereignty of God in every area of our lives, not just in our salvation. He was sovereign when we were saved, and he is sovereign over our lives every single day, even the things that we see as mundane activities are part of God's sovereign will. Because of that, we should see everything we do as an opportunity to give God glory and to give God praise! Be Blessed!

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Deviant Monk said...

I completely agree- God is meticulously and infallibly sovereign over even the most mundane aspects of life. That's why, when I am choosing toilet paper, I trust in God's sovereignty that the 2-ply is going to make the cut, and that God's sovereign will is that I won't have to wipe more than needed.

On a slightly more serious note- I hope that you find a good job.