Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Independence Day Odds and Ends

I won't be blogging anymore this week, so I want wish everyone a Happy Independence Day!

We'll be spending time with the extended family and, Lord willing, we will be sitting under the preaching of the much beloved R.C. Sproul this Sunday.

On a totally unrelated matter, my wife made a very rare "impulse buy" last week. She bought us a copy of When Grace Comes Home: How the Doctrines of Grace Change Your Life. I have looked over it briefly and I think this book will be very profitable for helping people understand how "the Doctrines" effect the lives of those who affirm them. (Might be a good gift for a special Arminian in your life!)


Gordan Runyan said...

Have a good time, bro.

Does one have to be Independant Baptist in order to truly appreciate the 4th?

If I'm a London Baptist, would that make me a despicable loyalist?

Machine Gun Kelley said...

Good questions Gordan. Perhaps Highlands Host can weigh in on the matter...

(I managed to get hold of a PC after all!! Hee hee!) ;)

Gordan Runyan said...

The thing that gets my goat on this day is that the majority of people lighting fireworks tonight will be of the sort who are apathetically and complicently welcoming the encroachment of tyrannical government, and the necessary correlating loss of our "independance." But it's the 4th, so they'll light 'em off in celebration of our "freedom," such as it remains.

Machine Gun Kelley said...


Get a load of this:


Gordan Runyan said...

Thanks, Rhett. That's exactly what I'm moaning about.

BTW, for my money, nobody writes more entertaining non-fiction than Dr. North. Close second: Doug Wilson.

Machine Gun Kelley said...

Well, in that case Gordan, here's a second helping for ya:

(Gotta love that last line!)