Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blog Madness: Support The Mob!

Just to make sure everyone is aware: Your favorite Subversive Chess Club, the Reformed Mafia, has the distinct honor of being one of the blogs that has been selected to be in the Said At Southern Blog Madness Tournament. As I am writing this, we are in 5th place and up against some very tough competition. Please stop by Said At Southern and cast your vote today! The tournament will end Sunday night.

(Oh... And uh, by the way, if you don't vote for the Mafia, we'll be sending some tough guys over to pay you a little visit!)


Gordan Runyan said...

*** whispered out of corner of mouth*** "Rhett, you DO know some tough guys, right?..... Right?"

Rhett said...

Yeah, there's some guys over at Triablogue that we might do some "contract labor." ;)

Jeff Wright said...

I thought about your blog today and decided to come check it out, see what you guys were up to. I went and voted for your blog in the tournament, by the way.

We should consider doing a joint series on our blogs sometime.

Take care. God bless you guys.

Jeff (CRM)

Gordan Runyan said...

Jeff, thanks for the stop-by and vote.

I like your last suggestion. I ain't the head Don around here, but I'm in favor of a Blog Mafia Summit. :)