Thursday, March 27, 2008

2009 Reformed Mafia National Conference!

The 2009 Ligonier National Conference will be on March 19-21 2009 in Orlando, Fl.

The Conference topic will be The Holiness of God and will feature the following speakers: Begg, Carson, Dever, Duncan, Ferguson, Godfrey, Anyabwile, Lawson, MacArthur, Mahaney, Mohler, Thomas, the Sprouls Jr. and Sr.

In addition to myself, I know of at least one Mafia reader and one Mafia Don who are planning on attending as well... This would be a great time for the Mafia and some of our comrades in arms to get together.

Thoughts anyone?


Mike Leake said...

no Piper?

Gordan Runyan said...

I think we should book a floor in a hotel.

Also, I think someone should get started on the 2009 Orlando Declaration on the Gospel and Blogging, so that we can sign it there.

Also, I think it's time we break out the official "Adopt Me R.C." campaign, and have a plaque made for Sproul in which we confer on him the title of Honorary Kingpin.

Lastly, I think it'd be cool if we all rode in the same raft one time on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride.

Fred said...

Gordan, I actually thought you found a place to purchase that spine and backbone until I read the last paragraph.

Gordan Runyan said...

Now that's just cold.

And hurtful.

Now where did I put my "God of All Comforts" pacifier....?

Fred said...

Sorry Gordon. I want to make restitution for my comments so I'll be sending you the "God is My Shield NightLight."

Gordan Runyan said...

Throw in some Testa-Mints and we'll call it good.

kingofbleh said...

I was at this year's conference when they announced next year's speaker list. They also announced that they are expanding the schedule to Thur AM through Sat evening and it will include a mini-conference commemorating John Calvin's 500th birthday.

I am planning to attend.

Lucas Defalco

Joshua A. Hitchcock said...

That sounds like more of a possibility..I kind of hate that I can't go to the Together for the Gospel this year, and it is hear in Louisville...Oh well.