Sunday, January 13, 2008

You Just Have to Shake Your Head

Here is a short video from James White, a phone interaction with a loose cannon who is intent on disproving Calvinism. I say he's a loose cannon because I'm fairly certain that the synergists we regularly interact with here would distance themselves from him as fast as possible. He winds up teaching that fallen man has within himself the capacity to obey God enough to ensure that God will bring him to faith in Jesus. It's stir up the right attitude and go directly to heaven for this guy. Pretty amazing.

Particulary telling was when White asks him point blank, are you aware you are teaching Pelagianism? And the guy basically admits he has no idea what that is, and isn't worried about it one way or the other.


Scribe said...

Lou Ruggiero aka Dave Hunt?

This guy is throwing up a smoke screen by a perverted version of the analogia scriptura, and by stringing along acontextualized verses. He's worse than a synergist!

gordan said...

"perverted version of the analogia scriptura"

Indeed. I think we're all for interpreting Scripture by Scripture, but that one you interpret by ought to really say what you want it to say before you use it to nullify what is being said in another place.

It's not merely the analogy of Scripture we're talking about here, but the Analogy of Scripture Meets the Law of Infinite Eisegetical Regression: every verse you appeal to in support of your position must be misread in the same manner, which requires the misreading of another, and another. Bible study becomes a merry chase of Alice's rabbit with no rhyme or reason at all. And at the end of the day, it's still the Mad Hatter serving tea.