Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Christocentric Hermeneutic

Graeme Goldsworthy says:

The fact that Jesus is the one mediator between God and people has enormous hermeneutical implications (1 Tim 2:5). The Christology of mediation brings the major dimensions of communication into contact so that they operate in a way that human sin is inoperable. Thus the communicator (God), the message (God's Word), and the receiver (humanity), all are united in the God/Man who is himself the message.

Only when we have been reconciled to God, through the agent of reconciliation/mediation Jesus Christ, will we begin to even come close to understanding and unpacking the meaning of the biblical text. The role of Christ as Mediator is significant even as we approach the Bible. Approaching the Bible apart from Christ will lead us only to our own destruction. Approaching the Bible through the person and work of Jesus Christ is essential to getting the message of the Bible correct.

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Gordan said...

Agreed, Joshua. Otherwise, it's like reading someone else's mail...not that I'd know anything about that...