Friday, April 13, 2007

A Quick Word on Comments

Alright. Probably some folks are wondering why their comments aren't getting posted in the speak-easy.

Its' really simple, so let me explain...

Apart from the other Enforcers who write for the Mafia, if your comments are going to be allowed in the Speak-Easy, you gotta go through me!

This is not a total "prohibition" on dissension; I will allow some of that in the Speak-Easy, especially among our orthodox Christian siblings that have an honest gripe with Reformed Theology and want to speak to those issues from the Scripture.

Remember: This is a Mafia! Do you really think that every Tom, Dick, or Harry was allowed to run up in Al Capone's place and talk smack about his ways? I bet if a guy tried, he'd end up wearing cement shoes or something. So just be glad all I'm doing is deleting your comments pal!

*** For a better idea of what gets approved and what doesn't, please see the comment moderation guidelines of my personal blog.


Rhett said...


From henceforth, the other Mafia members will also help decide what comments get in the Speak-Easy.

I will no longer be the sole comment killer...



Rhett said...


The Mafia has decided to no longer moderate comments. The article above is null and void.