Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Calvinism and Evangelism

Somebody just left a comment on this blog, but now I can't find it, asking for articles about Calvinism and whether or not it supports evangelism.

First, I recommend reading this article by Mafia don, Rhett Kelley. I would not dare to speak for Calvinists everywhere, but none that I know of would support this sort of "evangelism." So, really, first you must define what you're talking about. Another great piece about whether or not Calvinism kills evangelism is found here.

Next, I'd recommend reading anything written about the Gospel by any Calvinist. (Now, I'll grant you that there are Hyper-Calvinists who don't believe in evangelizing the lost, but that is not the run-of-the-mill, 5-point position at all.)

Next, short biographical sketches of great evangelists like Charles Spurgeon and George Whitefield would show you how Calvinism works out practically in our preaching. Also, any fair history of the Southern Baptists would show you that many of its founders, fervent evangelists all, were Calvinists.

Last, I just Googled "Calvinism and Evangelism" and was greeted with a plethora of articles. You might try that.


Joshua A. Hitchcock said...

Some books I recommend on the subject.

Tell the Truth by Will Metzger
Today's Gospel by Walter Chantry
Today's Evangelism by Ernest Reisinger
Nine MArks of a Healthy CHurch by Mark Dever

DT said...

Another good one is Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J. I. Packer.