Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Move Over Nelson Price

Pastor Price, you've got a legitimate challenger in the competition to put out the most outlandish, unsupported slander against Calvinism.

Worst. Post. Ever.

(Or nearly so. You'd think stuff like this would make me angry. But it just makes me tired.)

ht: Contemporary Calvinist


TheoJunkie said...

Some people are going to be mighty s'prised when they get up to heaven and God isn't like they hoped.

It seems that Pascal's wager should apply somewhere to this issue... I mean, what if "Calvin's god" is actually God...

Machine Gun Kelley said...


My blog may attracts idiots, but you have an strange ability for locating them.


Lucas Defalco said...

Straw Man Theology. Too many non-sequitors in that blog post to even bother.