Monday, February 25, 2008

The Government Check Challenge!

evol-exposed.jpgI've got a challenge for all my Christian brothers and sisters (residing in the U.S.A.)!

Very soon the Federal Government is going to be sending you a check as a part of it's so-called "economic stimulus package."

Are you trying to figure out what to do with it?

How about taking some of the money from that check (or your tax refund) and buy at least one case (36 copies) of these books and start giving them to every teenager you know? -especially those in public schools!

Think of what might happen if several of us all over the nation do this!

Please pray about commiting to this challenge and spreading the word to other Christian bloggers. It's time some government money is used to support the truth about evolution!


Mike Y said...

My only concern about such a challenge is the apologetics used. I have found that creation theorists can be just as irrational and ungrounded as evolutionists.

Try to rationalize with either about why the use of the disjunctive tiphcha in Genesis 1:1 is significant for establishing the absolute nature of creation being "in the beginning" as opposed to "when God began to create". The try to carry on the conversation as to why this is not merely a moot point.

Sadly, most Christian pastors and theologians are ill equipped to carry on a true defense of the doctrine from the scriptures. "God said it, therefore I believe" is hardly a good argument.

My concern is not the person who believes in evolution. It's the individual who passes himself off as a Christian but believes in the gap theory or theistic evolution or something else. My concern is the professing Christian who doesn't care why any of this matters.

Rhett said...


I'm no master apologist (that's self-evident!), but I don't see much of that irrational nonsense in this book. And I agree with your points here.

My goal is to do something that may help a teen think more critically about what they are being taught as truth in government schools. Because tax dollars cannot be spent to do this, this is my way of using a "government check" to do it anyway. Take it for what it's worth.

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