Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Message to Our Readers

It has come to my attention that different people have encountered our blog here at The Reformed Mafia and have drawn various conclusions from the name of our blog. In this post I seek to inform our readers what we are about and what we are not.

1. We are not an organization. We aren't really a Mafia. We don't have meetings. In fact, I only personally know two people who write as authors on this blog, and am close friends to a former author of this blog.

2. We do not desire to infiltrate churches and schools "brainwashing" people with calvinism. We are Calvinists. With that being said, we also belive God gave each individual minds to think, and we want to simply get people thinking about various issues dealing with the church and theology.

3. We are not a violent people. The authors that I know personally on this blog are the most tenderhearted and godly people that I know. Don't be alarmed by a picture of a gun on our blog. It is there for decoration, simply going with the Mafia theme. In fact, we are so unlike a Mafia that one of our frequent commentors called us a "Subversive Chess Club" because we don't debate that much, and we don't want to cause problems.

4.We are no more a Mafia as the Dallas Cowboys aren't actually Cowboys. It is simply a theme. The Cowboys is a mascot. It is the same thing with our blog.

5. The blog was named by Rhett Kelley after reading where RC Sproul and JI Packer were called the reformed mafia. We liked the name, thought it was humorous, and created a blog with that name.

6. If there is anyone who would like to contact any of us at The Reformed Mafia, we will gladly provide our phone numbers for you to call and speak to us personally.

7. We desire unity within the body of Christ, and don't desire to cause any problems.

*I hope that this has been helpful to those who read our blog. Each member of the Mafia exhibits godly character and have modeled before me what it means to be a godly father and husband, and godly ministers. Trevor Almy, a former author, was asked to join the blog by me because he is a long time friend and I have seen the Spirit of God work in him through the years of our friendship. Trevor has a passion for the word of God and reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can assure our readers that neither Trevor, nor any member of the blog, has been sent to brainwash students or church members to ascribe to calvinism. We are not Calvinist Commandos, we are just people who love God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. If you are offended by our Mafia theme, I appologize, but just as the Atlanta Braves aren't really a group of Native American Indians, we aren't a violent group of Mafia members. We are mere servants of Christ seeking to proclaim the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the preaching of God's word, both verbal and written!


Scribe said...

Thank you for elucidating the position of the Mafia, Joshua...I was totally unaware that there were misconceptions arising about us.

Well said!

Mike Y said...

Actually, we're no more a mafia as are many who call themselves Christians really...

gordan said...

Gonna get my hackles all raised with off-hand references to the Dallas Cowboys, now. Tread cautiously in those waters. (LOL)

I hardly can believe that anyone who is at all familiar with the internet would take the Mafia motif seriously. Man, that's amazing, truly. Surely you're just making that up.

But for the record, I have none.

Joshua A. Hitchcock said...

No, Gordan, I am not making this up...I recieved a phone call last night...I'll email you with the details.

gordan said...

And so I guess the Pyromaniacs are a bunch of Reformed guys who like starting actual fires in churches. James White thinks he's Jesus because his blog is named Alpha-Omega, a name for the Christ. Frank Turk is a real-life comic book superhero. The Deviant Monk is actually deviant...oh, wait, bad example. I'm starting to see how this works, now.

Rhett said...

Whaaaattt!!??? The Dallas Cowboys aren't real cowboys!!

(I already knew their cheerleaders were fake, but now you guys are ruining everything for me!!!)

The next thing you'll tell me is WWE rasslin' ain't really rasslin'!!!


G. F. McDowell said...

Hey, could I get permission to use your "Remember Prohibition?" photo?