Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Emergent Motivational Posters!

Can I get an amen?



Deviant Monk said...


gordan said...

As much as I love all those posters, the comment threads are even better. It's like "Night of the Living Dead," where these slow-moving zombies come around, each one offering identical complaints. Once you bash one in the head, three more pop up around the corner saying precisely the same thing. The irony there being that a movement that prides itself on individuality and free expression winds up producing cookie-cutter copies, one after the other. It's like they all went to the same seminar on how to complain about conservatives.

rick said...

Did you seriously like these or are you being sarcastic? I followed many of them to the references and found that they typically do not represent what the author was saying.

When I tried to raise the point I was smacked down. I find it interesting that Gordan said what he did since I haven't found a way to seriously engage with TeamPyro.

In fact, I have found several links to rebuttals but they acknowledge none. This looks like an attempt by some guys that are simply worn down to get some easy attention.