Tuesday, May 15, 2007

God, the Unjust Debt Collector

Highly, highly recommend this piece from Tom in the Box.

Sometimes...often-times?...satire has a unique ability to "touch the thing with a needle" as the old Greeks used to say about good debating skills.

This is about the absurdity and irrationality of believing that Christ has fully paid the debt for sins even for people who will suffer in hell eternally.

If Christ has fully satisfied God's justice in your case, then how can God's justice demand your additional punishment? Christ suffered for your sins once for all...but, wait, you will suffer for them, too. Thus we see that in this scheme, God actually demands double payment for sins.

Another ramification is this: If Christ has equally died for all people, and some people wind up in hell anyway, we are forced to conclude that the precious blood of the Son of God is not adequate of itself to save anyone. If all you've got to your account is Christ's death on your behalf, you're still in danger of flaming forever, according to this view. His sacrifice is not enough. You must add to it. In fact, the only difference between those who are saved and those who are lost is the work of the individuals in question.

Anyway, read the Tom in the Box piece. It's better than this one by far.

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